Facilities are currently open. Subject to change due to COVID-19.

Rules and Regulations

That the Lessee will use the facility only for the purposes consistent with law and as follows: 

1. Requests made less than 10 days in advance may be denied.

2. That, upon completion of this use, the Lessee will be responsible for restoring the facility to the condition observable prior to this use.

3. That the District may cancel a scheduled non-school use if an unexpected conflict arises with a District activity.

4. That the District may revoke its permission to use the facility at any time it is determined that a group’s use damages or threatens to damage school property or violates Board policy and/or administrative regulations.

5. That the Lessee will abide by all laws and District policies, including those prohibiting the use, sale, or possession of alcohol, illegal drugs, firearms, tobacco products, and e-cigarettes, on District property.

6. That the Lessee accepts full responsibility for protecting school property and equipment and assumes any and all liability for repairs or replacement or for any damage done to buildings, equipment, or other school property used by the Lessee.

7. That the Lessee also assumes full responsibility for the conduct of any and all persons using the facility during the rental.

8. That the Lessee agrees to assume all liability and hold harmless and indemnify the District, its Board members, employees, and agents from any and all liability arising out of the Lessee’s use of District facilities.

9. That the Lessee will furnish evidence of liability insurance coverage for the event as specified by the District.

10. That the Lessee understands and accepts that the District’s insurance provides no coverage for the Lessee or any other user other than the District.

11. That the Lessee will exercise due diligence to not send employees or volunteers to work inside any District building(s) if they have a conviction or a history of deferred adjudication for any crime that may pose a serious potential risk of injury to students or other persons working in or visiting in the building(s). It is the Lessee’s responsibility to determine the best way to exercise that due diligence.

12. That the Lessee will not use the facility for political advertising, campaign Communications, or electioneering, as those terms are used in state law.

Emergency Contact Number 432-456-9999