No rentals of indoor facilities will be allowed until further notice.


Q: Do I need insurance?

A: All commercial non LEA must provide a liability insurance policy in the amount of $1,000,000.


Q: What if damage occurs to the facility because of my event?

A: The renter will be responsible for any damage done to the facility.


Q: Can I rent on a Sunday?

A: Facility rentals on Sunday are contingent upon the availability of custodial/maintenance staff. As well as an additional $10.00/hour fee.


Q: Are there additional fees for my rental I should know about?

A: Yes. Additional fees are as follows: 

Professional Staff Member: $30.00/hour
Maintenance/Custodial Worker: $30.00/hour
ECISD Police Officer: $45.00/hour
PAC Theater Personnel: $30.00/hour
Facility fees on Sundays: An additional $10.00/hour

Time Keeper(s), Scorer(s), Ticket Seller(s), Ticket Taker(s), and other required staff for an athletic event are not included in the price of the facility rental. The cost of these fees is decided by the Athletics Office.


Q: Are maintenance/custodial services required?

A: Yes. Maintenance and or custodial costs will be required for all facilities and charged one hour before and after rental time.


Q: What if my group is not mentioned in your tiered pricing structure?

A: ECISD reserves the right to select the Tier for any organization not mentioned in our tiered structure.